Chico State Alum Gives Year of Service


Name: Jade Milburn
College: California State University, Chico
School Site: Rosa Parks K-8 School
City Year Team Sponsor: Bank of America

Jade Milburn is a graduate of CSU Chico, Class of 2013.  She applied to City Year last fall because she was interested in a meaningful job that allows her to pursue her passion.  Jade hopes to one day work with youth involved in gangs, and is planning for a career as a social worker.  Here is a Q & A profile on Jade, just one of the 58 dedicated volunteers giving 11 months of service through City Year Sacramento. 

What was your major at Chico State?


Were you involved in volunteer activities or student groups during your time at Chico State? How did these experiences prepare you for City Year?

While studying at Chico, I was very involved with volunteering through my church and a campus organization called Community Action Volunteers in Education, or CAVE. There I helped to start a homeless outreach program to raise awareness and care for the homeless in Chico. Through church I volunteered at the Jesus Center, a homeless shelter, serving breakfast to guests. I also volunteered at the Torres Shelter, another homeless shelter, hanging out with guests, planning activities, and serving dinner. These experiences prepared me for City Year because it helped me reach out to people and listen to the stories of their lives rather than judge them.

What are your plans following City Year?

After City Year, I hope to go to graduate school to study social work. I’m planning on studying somewhere in California.

Describe your typical day of service.

My typical day of service begins with a team circle at 7:30 am at the entrance to Rosa Parks. I “power greet” the students in the morning to encourage them to get excited for the day. I begin my first hour in Mrs. Adams’ second grade class working on ELA (English Language Arts) with students who are struggling with blending and reading.  (Blending, in terms of ELA, means mixing the sounds/meanings of two or more words.)

Next, I go to Miss Schon’s first grade class. There I assist with workshop time, working with the low performing students to provide them extra support. We are working on letter recognition and sounds. I have a group of four students I work with individually on a different letter each day.  I go from there to supervising recess and lunch, spending time interacting with students, and often showing off my tether ball skills. I then rotate between Mrs. Enriquez’s 5th grade class and Mr. Main’s 4th/5th combo class. In each of those classes I have a my “focus list” of students, and I work to get them excited about learning and back on track in math. I end the school day in Miss Bautista’s 1st grade class, assisting with workshop groups and again working with students on letter and sound recognition. After school, I am in the 3rd/4th grade class where I work with students during homework hour, and plan recreation and enrichment activities. My day ends with a final team circle at 6:15 pm.

What are two or three things you learned from your experience at Chico State or City Year that will benefit your career progression?

What I’ve learned from my experiences is that the work I desire to do will be hard and sometimes overwhelming, but it will always be worth it. I learned to not ever get discouraged, and to continue to keep perspective, and remember why I am there.

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